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31.05.19 / Plan

Guild Inbound

Going Home

The date has been set and the sail let flown, we head to Azeroth on the 27th of August! Luckily the 26th is a bank holiday in the U.K and I should get a few days off work for the launch, so all in all I am very looking forward to claiming the levels again. Whilst many players are still deciding what to play, I am pretty sure I will be rolling a Tank Warrior, from the private servers healing and tank roles are the most difficult to get hold off so if we can get some of our core members to fill these slots we will find long term our groups will fill alot faster.


Due to my own availability, Destorax will be leading the raid & dungeon teams as he has the most experience in that area, with myself and Goombus dealing with social & various other areas. Some people are asking about what raid reward system we will be using. This is quite a difficult decision and one I will differ for now until we start to think more about this. Upon launch our plan should be to recruit heavily to maximize on the initial craze, then slow down and refine things to a more specialized paced to avoid issues that arose last time. We should also be looking for other leaders during this time to aid in that growth and begin to expand our leadership team. It might be that we will have to “team-up” with other guild for raids due to the reduced server size. I hope this won’t be the case but and again this would affect how we distribute loot from raids. Lastly, we will be rolling horde and on an EU realm – compared to the PR server this should mean we end up recruiting less USA based players and thus help getting players online for raids. Have fun, we will keep you posted!

The TKON Team Promise

Like most things TKON, we are all about the community, and rest assured any issues you experience whilst playing in our guild that our team will do the best to resolve and issues.

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