TKON Hytale Server

25.05.19 / Updates

It Will Happen, Eventually


With all the success from the Minecraft server in short has increased the chances to having open a Hytale server from about 50% to 100%. With a growing staff team who now are daily learning and overcoming new challenges it also means will have be going into this new venture with a greater level of understanding than before. Overall like with most things TKON will be bringing to the table a competitive, engaging new experience for all.


However, before all that can come to fruition Hytale have firstly got to release the game to the world, something that seems to have been recently set back as they had originally said summer but now changed this to “When it is ready”. To be honest I do think giving them time to get things right is the best decision but for all us stuck waiting; plans are going to have to just be put on hold. We will also need to think about how big of a server will want to get and what mods we will want to make/use. So, lots to think about, and I think I will begin to make more and more videos on the game up to and throughout its release. More to come!

The TKON Team Promise

Like most things TKON, we are all about the community, and rest assured any issues you experience whilst playing our server that our team will do the best to resolve and issues.

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