TKON Minecraft Server

14.06.2019 / Server Revamp

Fixing the PvP world

The Issue

Let’s face it the PvP world got stale. The main reason for this was the lack of people playing that server; choosing the play the SMP server instead, leading to more people to then play SMP creating a negative feedback loop of people playing SMP over PVP. SMP also becomes tiring when it became the only thing to do.

The Fix

To reverse this spiral, we have had to put the player back into player vs player; meaning a map and balance reset with a small map to push players together. This will not to be everyone’s liking but this will be important for two reasons. It firstly makes the PvP world built for PvP. When playing this server, you shouldn’t be safe and expect and attack at any moment. The PvP world should FEEL like a constant war zone and should not be about building long lasting bases. SMP then has more meaning because it becomes the ONLY place that players should be thinking about building for the long term.

With the small border it also means giant farms become harder to produce with the constant threat of raids happening, this means the competitive money aspect of the server becomes harder and more involved, no longer being able to just afk to pull in thousands of in game dollars. I am also hoping to give more incentive to players hunter each other down by implementing a reward for killing another player and punishing you for dying by transferring a percentage of your wealth to your attacker. Teams obviously will transfer money between each other to prevent this, but a coordinated attack on a base could massively sway the scoreboard.

Lastly, I wanted to continue to develop a PVE combat experience. Players should be soon able to experience the adventure world’s stage one. This should provide an RPG experience for those who want to work as a team or get that feeling of discovery. As you might expect making a whole world takes allot of time. So, we are adding things in stages and get feedback for implementing the rest of the world! Thanks for everything and I will see you all in game!

25.05.19 / Updates

Upgraded to 1.14.1


So, the server has been quite laggy due to various aspects. These stem from the release of 1.14, which was pretty poor performance wise. Now normally this would be too much of an issue but since every mod is also crashing and the fact we tried not reset the server, this has resulted in some pretty bad lag. Even still, the staff and I have worked hard to fix this issue and have been monitoring the performance.


Overall thing are going okay now, and the mojority of things have been made now stable. But there are still some issues and we are waiting for a few more mods to be updated. My main concern is to continue to add long term objectives to the world to make the server intresting, how this devlops will be intresting. But let us know if you have any ideas!

The TKON Team Promise

Like most things TKON, we are all about the community, and rest assured any issues you experience whilst playing our server that our team will do the best to resolve and issues.

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