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27.05.19 / in Site News

We are live!

Well this is it, if you are reading this the site has gone live and things should be running well. The main thing you might be asking is why do we need a site? Tbf there are a couple of reasons really. Firstly - a lot of "services" we provide really do need do need some form of online space that isn't just the discord, most people want to check out the website before they play a minecraft server or join a wow guild, so have the ability to add that level of professionalism is really useful. Secondly we make ALLOT of posts about all the new on goings, these can often get crowded and lost in the riffraff and requires people to have discord to see them! Having a site means we can link to an article rather than make a 250 word post filling up the screen awkwardly! And lastly in case we want to add a forum or shop or talk about weird things that you just couldn't do - and give our other members of the team outside of youtube and such to have a bigger voice!

More to come soon! #

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